Mugshot of me Hi there!

My name is Hayley and I run The Character Consultancy. I’m a trainee psychotherapist, a keen writer, and a budding Youtuber.

I’m a character designer specialising in writing detailed descriptions of characters’ personalities. I make these write-ups into a range of different products, including the following (click for examples):

No Frills Infographic Video
Charles Mirath No Frills Thumb Image Alena Galdana Infographic Thumb Image Rouxls Kaard Video Thumb Image

This service is helpful for:

  • Getting to know characters efficiently on a deeper level
  • Getting help with early-stage character development
  • Showcasing an existing character
  • Gifts, either as a finished product or as a fun experience for the recipient. Many customers say they find this an enjoyable and unusual way to indulge in their character. Read my testimonials to see for yourself.

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If you have any further questions, email me at thecharacterconsultancy@gmail.com. I’m happy to explain whatever you need to know!