4 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is incredibly common and really frustrating. If you’re struggling to write your next chapter (or let’s face it, even the next sentence would be a blessing, right?) why don’t you try these?
  • Go on Pinterest and look up Writing Prompts/Story Prompts (or do the same with tumblr). Pinterest will give you hundreds of prompts ranging from fragments of dialogue, images with a few words to help give you direction, premises, instructions of what to include or exclude in your story, and plenty more. It even gives you the option to narrow down the prompts you get (when I ran a search I could have narrowed it down to teen, dark, for kids, romance, fantasy…). Tumblr is absolutely chock-full of blogs dedicated to nothing else but prompts. Knock yourself out!
  • Watch some clips of your favourite movies or series. They caught your imagination in the first place, so why not watch them again and see if they stir your creative juices?
  • Jot down the range of different things that are likely to happen in your story next (admittedly this is better for stories in progress) so you can see the options. If you can’t come up with any, this shows you that you’ve written yourself into a corner. Sometimes it’s not obvious that you’ve done it until you put words to it, so jotting down your options can help shift you from stream-of-consciousness to planning mode.
Alternatively… you could just give it time. If your brain’s not giving you anything to write at the moment, then you’ve got nothing to write. In a way, it’s like those periods of time you get where you don’t dream very much. If you’re dreaming a lot then your brain has things to work through. If you don’t dream (or don’t remember your dreams) then your mind is probably a lot more restful. The same could be true for your writer’s block as it is for that dry spell in dreaming.
If you’re a writer, then I’m confident you’ll get inspiration soon enough. When you do, good luck and have a ball!

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