Here is a list of the products and services I currently provide:

No Frills (text-only write-ups)
2 Minute Video Introductions
Full Length Video Introductions

Other/Extra Services

  • Consultancy only – If you would like to talk to me to understand your character in more depth but don’t want me to present you with a write-up, feel free to ask for some consultancy time. Rates are negotiable. Some consultancy is offered free with a No Frills, Infographic or video.
  • Artwork to go with your Infographic or video – if you don’t have artwork for me to put on your Infographic or video, I can shop around for some on your behalf. Simply let me know your budget and be aware that I will take approx. £5 for doing the shopping around for you. I am happy to discuss any preferences you have, with you.
  • Narration only – my videos are put to animation, music and sound effects. However if all you want is a plain sound recording, this can be arranged too. Prices dependant on length of story.
  • Other bespoke services – Simply ask. I’m happy to discuss your requirements and negotiate with you.I’m always happy to answer questions, so if you have any, please feel free to ask.