Full Length Video

A full length video is the video equivalent of a full-length No Frills analysis, and will be around 2,000 – 3,000 words long. Once you are happy with your No Frills, I narrate it, put the narration to suitable music, and then make it up into an animated Youtube video.

Full Length Videos don’t have a time cap, but in practice they are usually at least 10 minutes long.

Kameilo Mini Thumb Light Keys Mini Thumb Spyro Mini Thumb
Kameilo Keys the Kenku Spyro the Dragon

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Extra Art

Videos look their best with plenty of beautiful art, so if you already have art, let me know! I’ll speak with the artists to gain their written permission to use the art in your video.

If you don’t already have ready-to-use art, or if you would like to treat yourself to custom art for your video, then I can offer an extra service where you can order some. I am in touch with several artists who can offer art for a variety of budgets, and for a bulk discount. Email me for further infomation about this.