An Infographic is based on my No Frills analysis, but I go a step further. Once you are happy with your character’s analysis, I make it into an attractive image, like the ones below.


Alena Galdana

I make shorter, and longer Infographics. This is a shorter version based on a 250-300 word No Frills.

Alena Infographic Thumbnail Image
Keys the Kenku

This is a longer version, based on a 2,00-3,000 word No Frills.

Arix Ordragc

Some analyses are longer than others and this is one of my longest, owing to this individual character’s complexity and detailed history. It’s also a different style of analysis from Keys’.

Keys the Kenku Infographic Thumbnail Image Arix Ordragc Infographic Thumb

All art is made by artists and I seek their permission before using their artworks.

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Extra Art

You might already have enough art from previous commissions (or made by yourself) for me to decorate your Infographic. Or you may not.

I can offer an extra service where you can order custom art for your Infographic. I am in touch with several artists who can offer art for a variety of budgets, and for a bulk discount. I can arrange for customer art for you, to add extra pop to your Infographic. Email me for further infomation about this.