An Infographic is based on my No Frills analysis, but I go a step further. Once you are happy with your character’s analysis, I make it into an attractive image, like the ones below.


A Short Infographic is made to be an easy to digest yet complete introduction to your character.

Corner of Connie Infographic Corner of Alena Infographic Corner of Ralsei Infographic
Connie Maheswaran Alena Galdana Ralsei

A Long Infographic is an in-depth description of your character.

Arix Long Infographic Stub Rouxls Kaard Long Infographic Stub Kameilo Long Infographic Stub
Arix Ordragc Rouxls Kaard Kameilo
Jeffra Cox Long Infographic Stub Keys Long Infographic Stub Talo Long Infographic Stub
Jeffra Cox Keys the Kenku Talo

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Extra Art

Why not treat yourself with a set of new artwork of your character to be used on your new Infographic? A single piece of concept art or a set of matching images by the same artist can really bring your Infographic together.

I am in touch with several artists who can offer art for a variety of budgets. Email me for further infomation about this.