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A No Frills is the analysis I write about your character, and it underpins everything else I do. Writing one is a co-creative process. I send you a questionnaire which you complete on behalf of your character, and then return it to me. I write a first draft of the analysis and discuss with you any relevant points of confusion, possible areas of deeper exploration, implied details, personality conflicts, or alternative options.

I do not add anything to your character. My training allows me to concisely understand and describe a personality and to quickly see the implications of various personality traits. Only you can tell me whether they are correct or not.


Short No Frills are around 250-300 words long and are designed to be bite-sized.

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Natsuki Ralsei Alena Galdana

Long No Frills go into much more depth and are usually around 3,000 words long.

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Soren Halfew Crimson Keys the Kenku
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Napstar Charles Mirath Donnie Mirath

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Although a No Frills isn’t fundamentally an image-based document, a headshot icon can be a nice addition. If you do not already have a headshot I can use, why not order one?

I am in touch with several artists who can offer art for a variety of budgets. I can arrange for a custom headshot for you, to complete your No Frills. Email me for further infomation about this.

Further Information

Want to know how I make No Frills analyses? Here’s a list of everything I look into.

You can order a No Frills as a service in and of itself. However, if you want it to be dressed up as an attractive Infographic or Video I can do that.