Testimonials by Professional Clients

I can say that this [No Frills] has helped me with writing the character. The layout and the ideas embedded here help me think of how she will react when she is given a situation and I feel that the reaction is more organic and in keeping with the character. I love how you have taken the ideas with which I have given you, and helped me solidify the character. I will definitely be talking to you again when this book is completed and I start on the second in the series. If not before then in regards to a few of the other main characters, such as Sable and Thurginn.

Once again, thanks!
Kilted Fiend Studios, about Agrisa / Crimson


Testimonials by Individual Clients

“It’s been a delight to yet again work with Hayley, her quick, friendly, and professional responses always help the experience. I always look forward to hearing from her, whether in a response to our commission or just in general.

The psychological reference sheets she offers have been a godsend for character development, and I’ve certainly noticed that she’s helped me to fill in gaps I’d have otherwise missed. Even for a character I have little background information on, Hayley was helpful (and patient) enough to work with the little information I provided, and we built that up together.

Having recently recommended her to one of my friends, I’m more than happy with the service she offers, and I’m confident of being a returning commissioner.”
Mirath, about Charles Mirath and Soren


“Hayley does a fantastic job of describing fictional character‘s personalities from a psychological perspective, how they develop, what drives their motives and ambitions, etc, utilizing her expertise in psychology and referencing her sources in her studies. She focuses less on what characters look like and pays attention to the very important element of who they are inside. Its real neat!

If you’re serious about your fictional characters and their stories and you’d like consultation on your fictional character’s development and personality, she takes commissions for her very helpful and enlightening services.”
Loren John Presley, about Kameilo the protagonist of his video game project


“After having Hayley recommended to me, I decided to give her service a try, for a bit of fun and to help develop my character a bit more deeply. I ended up learning things about the character even I didn’t know! She does a great job developing characters while sticking to the essence of what you want out of them, giving them depth without remaking anything about them. No regrets!”
ArixO, about his hobby character


“When I first contacted TCC I was in need of someone to evaluate my character and the kind of connections her personality has made in response to many of her life encounters. I was only working up to a certain point in my characters life, so we talked as if my character was in her twenties.

The questionnaire alone, in an attempt to answer the questions inspired much deeper and further thought into my character, down to even the mundane details. And it was fun! TCC even offered to talk with me one on one about specifics and how they could potentially effect my character. And once they did their write up, they added in a few subtle suggestions that simply blew my mind in how well they would work with how I intended to further my character in in her life time.

Even more over, in trying to further refine my character through their service, it encouraged me to refine other characters who were an influence on her life up to that point.

Their write up was pretty amazing as well, to read their take on my character was pretty refreshing and even spurred further creativity. I do highly recommend TCC!”


“I personally created a profile piece of Vetty the Yveltal even though I hadn’t made much progress on her development in the story. However, through doing what TCC allowed, I was able to learn her better, which helps me to write her better.”


“I requested a reference sheet from The Character Consultancy because it was something I had not seen offered before: an offer to analyze my character in various ways based on supplied questions. It’s interesting to see Tau’s life explained through the eyes of someone well-versed in character nuance!”
Tau Switchblade, about his tiger character


“I am really surprised by how much you get out of that character! Really great attention to details of her character design, really appreciate it!”
K0rdi4n, about the Warrior Cats character Mapleshade


Testimonials by non-native English speakers


“Ik was erg benieuwd naar hoe anderen mijn karakter zouden zien, en toen ik de “The Character Consultancy” zag was ik gelijk geïnteresseerd hoe zoiets werkte.
Hayley was erg geduldig met mij, ondanks dat ik constant lange warrige verhalen verstuurde waarvan ik dacht dat het iets nuttigs was en te maken was met mijn karakter, ik werd verbaasd met hoe ze dat allemaal in een verhaal kon verwerken.
Dit alles heb ik ook mijn eigen karakter beter leren begrijpen zodat ik het beter kan beschrijven in RPs en verhalen.
Dus heel erg bedankt Hayley voor deze mogelijkheid, en misschien meer commissions in de toekomst!”

Khezef, over zijn rollenspelkarakter

English translation:
“I was really interested how others would see my character, and when I saw “The Character Consultancy” I was really curious about how it worked.
Hayley was very patient with me, even though I kept sending her long confusing stories about literally everything what could have meant something for my character and I was amazed about what kind of story she made from it.
This project we did was also a way to understand my own character so I can work better and more flawless in stories and RPs.
So really thanks Hayley for this opportunity and maybe in the future, more commissions!”

Khezef, about his roleplay character



“Cuando ella me aserco para preguntarme algo yo no esperaba lo que ella me ofresio al prinsipio yo iva a desir que no pero desidi aselo,yo ledi mi informasion de mi personaje I lo q ella creo esperfecto. Yo loque puedo desir es que si quiere una buena historic de tu personaje abla con ella.”
Blackruby107, sobre su caracter personal

English translation:
“When she asked me if I’m interested of a commission at first I was about to say no but then I decided to go with it all I did was just give her my character information and then I saw what she created and it was a perfect. I will extremely recommend her if you want a good background story for your character.”
Blackruby107, about his hobby character


Other Commissionable Artists, Writers, etc.

This section contains testimonials from other artists who have used my works for reference.

“I was having trouble working on a commission for a client who wanted me to create a story within their own fictional world. Although they described their world in length I kept confusing small yet significant details that made writing very difficult but luckily the client shared an infographic that he had commissioned from Hayley some time ago and it quickly wiped all of my concerns and troubles away! Hayley writes in such smooth intriguing detail that the world or character that she is describing comes to life in your head and the information she covers is laid out in an interesting and well-organized way that makes finding specific details fun and easy. I would recommend Hayley to anyone looking to have their world or characters described in detail and will happily be commissioning herself in the near future.”